by Bethany Platanella     A breakfast at Molino de los Reyes in Tlaxcala, Mexico is an experience that far surpasses the plate itself. Imagine yourself on the terrace of a converted 18th Century wheat mill, surrounded by lush greenery and bright purple bougainvillea. Feel the soft heat from the first rays of the rising sun. Listen to the melodic, peaceful rush of a flowing waterfall. A server swiftly takes your meal order and thus commences a perfectly curated gastronomic journey that taps into all of your senses. The dishes on the menu, including those of the revered breakfast, all tell a flavorful story of family legacy and local tradition. Each plate honors the region’s culinary history and is derived from a personal collection of owner Erika Cisneros’s family recipes that spans four generations. The pillars of authentic Mexican cuisine serve as the menu’s foundation: corn, beans, nopales (cactus), and a variety of chiles and herbs grown nearby. Breakfast dishes are prepared with locally-sourced ingredients to ensure the highest quality of taste and to benefit the surrounding community. Enjoy crepes stuffed with huitlacoche and bathed in a local chile cream sauce. Huitlacoche, a delicacy also known as the Mexican truffle, is a flavorful fungus that grows on corn and is valued for its unique taste. To enhance its flavor, chefs at Molino prepare it with garlic, onion and epazote, a native, aromatic herb. Don’t miss a cup of Molino’s award-winning coffee, the beans of which are grown at an altitude of 1,350m, toasted to perfection and served at the optimal temperature. The team at Molino de los Reyes makes a genuinely marked effort to protect pre-Hispanic culinary traditions and respect the variety of useful ingredients local to Tlaxcala. The contemporary presentation of each dish is meant to inspire future generations to continue the ancestral legacy. The unique interplay of a stunning environment, delicate flavors and a beautifully plated dish makes breakfast at Molino de los Reyes an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.  
foto de @nataliacatalaj

Foto de @nataliacatalaj